GUIDE 2021

Check in

  • Upon logging into Discord, you will need to go through the check-in channel in order to gain access to the other channels and be able to start participating in the event;
  • You will be tagged with your team name and will have access to your team's private channel.

Opening ceremony

  • The opening session will kick off the event;
  • Here, the partners' custom challenges will be presented. Participating in these challenges is optional, however those who choose to compete in these challenges will be eligible to win extra prizes;
  • After the ceremony, the hackathon begins and the teams will have exactly 48 hours to develop their projects.

Teaser submission

  • This introductory submission will take place on the second day and will aim to pre-assess the projects being developed by the teams;
  • All teams must submit a short resume that describes the theme, technologies, team, and brief description of the project's objective, if they want to participate in any of the competitions. This document may or may not be accompanied by a video;
  • Those who do not make this first submission will not be allowed to compete.

Partner rooms

  • The main partner companies will have an exclusive channel where they can show the participants their relevant projects, in an environment of creativity and innovation in the technology areas.
  • Participants will be able to enter these rooms to ask questions related to the custom challenges proposed by the companies.

Workshops and Talks

  • These sessions will be held in Zoom in order to promote interaction with the speakers. However, those who just want to watch can do it through the live streaming available at TAIKAI's platform;
  • Scheduling will be announced in advance, however a message will be sent to the general Discord channel whenever a session is about to start;
  • The sessions will be distributed throughout the days of the event, and the participants will be free to choose which ones they want to attend. This way, they will be able to take a break from developing their projects and acquire more knowledge that may be useful in the project to be developed.

Extra activities

  • Certain periods of the event will have activities that promote interaction and socializing among participants, such as: mini-games, quizzes, challenges, and many more;
  • These moments will be organized and promoted through a dedicated Discord channel.

Project evaluation / final pitch

  • After 48 hours, the teams that decide to compete must submit the following on TAIKAI's platform by the stipulated time:
    • A video (works like pitch) with a maximum duration of 2 minutes, in a horizontal format (16:9);
    • A description of the project that will help the jury in the evaluation process.
  • The submitted videos will be presented at the Zoom session where the jury will be present along with team members. Afterwards, the jurors will have the opportunity to ask the teams questions that will help them evaluate their projects.

Closing ceremony

  • After the jury's consideration period, the winners will be announced at the closing session.
  • The winning teams will "take the stage", entering the Zoom session to receive their awards and to say a few words, if they wish.


  • All moments will be broadcast live on TAIKAI's platform;
  • Besides the opening and closing sessions, the workshops and talks will also be broadcasted, as well as other moments such as: interviews, lectures, music with a guest DJ, among many other sessions.